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Purification series

  • Anion Purifier Car aromatherapy AS-2
  • Anion Purifier Car aromatherapy AS-2
Anion Purifier Car aromatherapy AS-2Anion Purifier Car aromatherapy AS-2

Anion Purifier Car aromatherapy AS-2

  • Simple and stylish, clean and efficient
  • 360 degrees purify
  • Independent fan noise, energy efficient
  • PET, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters triple purification
  • Product description: Anion Purifier Car aromatherapy AS-2

I.Technical Parameters

Product model: AS-2

Power supply: 5V external source

Anion concentration: 3,000,000 pcs/cm3

Device size: Ф139×43mm

Net weight: 180g

Aroma purifier capacity: 100ml

Effective area: 3m2-20 m2

Solar panel charge:330Ma per hour

Power consumption: 300mA per hour

II. Instructions for Use

1. The product performs automatic purification after being connected with the external power


2. The device can be powered on or off manually.

III.Product Functions

1. Killing various kinds of bacteria and germs: The product provides a special function through

photocatalyst, and the function helps effectively eliminates all common bacteria and germs.

2. Avoiding repeated attacks of rhinitis: The product can absorb all air suspended matters over 0.1mm, and replace contaminated air with fresh air, thus reducing and preventing the occurrence and worsening of rhinitis.

3. Reducing asthma attacks: After breathing in second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, suspended

solids and allergens in the air, asthma patients desperately gasp for breath. The anion air

purifier can effectively eliminate these risks.

4. Preventing allergy: Patients sensitive to air allergens such as pollen and dust need not to

worry, because this device makes allergens precipitate and decompose through purification.

1. Any quality problem, please contact the purchaser. Please do not

disassemble this machine by yourself, otherwise we will not provide warranty.

2. Keep the essential oil away from children and pets. It should not be used by those with respiratory disease and fragrance intolerance; inedible.

V.Effect List of Anion Concentration

Effect List of Anion Concentration

Relation to Human Health

Effect List of Anion Concentration

Relation to Human Health

Forest and waterfall:

10-20 thousand

Human body has natural recovery power.

Urban park:


Improving physical

health state.

Mountain and seaside:




Sterilization; reducing

disease transmission;

improving immunity


anti-bacterial ability.

Street green belt:


Slightly improving physical health state;

easy-to-occur physiological disorders: headache,

insomnia, etc.



Improving immunity and

anti-bacterial ability.


Easy-to-occur physiological disorders: headache,

Insomnia, etc.

Urban park:


Improving immunity


anti-bacterial ability.

Industrial development zone: 0

Easily causing all kinds of diseases.

Unit of anion concentration: piece/cm3


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